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    From time to time great watchmakers will reach into the past and bring back a luxury timepiece from history. When they do, we are invariably surprised at how modern the past looked.

    A good example is Historiques, a selection of classic designs from Vacheron Constantin Watches. This company has created some beautiful, well-designed watches, as the Historique collection shows. Each luxury timepiece represents an era in the illustrious past of the company.

    But these Vacheron Constantin watches don't look old-fashioned. In fact, they were among the most modern devices of their time, both stylistically and technically.

    Observe the clean, open face of Historiques Ultra-fine 1955. This luxury timepiece represents timekeeping in its most minimalistic form, the only mark on the dial being the Vacheron Constantin Watches logo under 12. The next luxury timepiece in our selection is Historique Ultra-fine 1968, which has a similar look except that the dial is square instead of round.

    Looking through these Vacheron Constantin watches is like taking a walk through time. The three Toledo 1952 watches have a positively high-tech look, as modern as tomorrow.

    Historiques American 1921 demonstrates how adventurous and whimsical the designs of the 1920s were. The face of this luxury timepiece is slanted so that when the wearer lifts his arm, it will be turned at exactly the right angle for convenient viewing.

    The final luxury timepiece in the Historiques line is the oldest of all, a true classic from the archives of Vacheron Constantin Watches. It's the Historiques Chronometre Royal 1907, a watch with a round face and broad metallic bezel. Vacheron Constantin Watches released it in 2007 to mark the watch's 100th birthday.