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King Power

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In the world of luxury timepieces, Hublot, with its outrageously bold designs is an undeniable standout; the Hublot King Power is certainly no exception. With its in-your-face, thoroughly ostentatious style options, the King Power line of Hublot watches is a magnetic attention-grabber.

All King Power watches feature an absolutely massive 48-millimeter case; this alone would make any timepiece an impressive spectacle to behold. But the King Power's case size is just the beginning of an awe-inspiring horological feature set. Any luxury wristwatch is only as good as its caliber, and the King Power does not disappoint in this area. All timepieces in the line pack one of several - almost preternaturally accurate - Hublot-exclusive HUB automatic movements guaranteed to meet the exacting horological standards of the most demanding timepiece wonk.

If the King Power's movement was the end of the story, the watch would be a stupendous achievement. But it's not. This timepiece is the sensational convergence of engineering might and aesthetic brawn. With case materials ranging from rose gold to black ceramic, from zirconium to titanium, there's something sure to please anyone's tastes. All watches in the King Power line feature a chronograph comprised of various complications with each timepiece highlighting it in its own special way. The exceedingly limited and rare Mexico Rose Gold version sets the skeleton chronograph against a red dial with sapphire green appliques, while the King Power Foudroyante is an all-black ceramic-clad phantom of a masterpiece. The Foudroyante's big cousin, the All Black Tourbillon, is a mind boggling exhibition of fanatically complex engineering and stealthy styling.

Indeed, those searching for a luxury timepiece that makes a statement need look no further than Hublot's King Power line.