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Big Bang Pop Art/Tutti Frutti

    It is fair to say that there exist few luxury timepieces as unabashedly conspicuous as the Hublot Tutti Frutti. With its 41-millimeter case and unisex design it can truly be enjoyed by anyone. Each watch in the Tutti Frutti line sports a dial consisting of a brilliant mother of pearl white face or sleek matte black face that features a chronograph comprised of the classic trio of 60-second, 30-minute and 12-hour movements. Versions with a black dial are packed in a black ceramic case, while those with white dials are housed in a case of opulent "Big Bang" rose gold, white gold and cool stainless steel.

    The element that clearly sets the Tutti Frutti apart from virtually every other luxury wristwatch on the market is its stunning bezel of baguette-cut semi-precious stones with matching case accents and strap color. Indeed, this fine timepiece draws stares from anyone within sight of it and dares the aloof to ignore it. The range of stones and colors is mightily impressive. Options include green tsavorite, purple amethyst, red spinelle, pink, yellow and orange sapphire, blue topaz and chocolate brown garnets. Six titanium screws are set at regular intervals around the bezel for added structural integrity and aesthetic flair.

    The Tutti Frutti isn't only good looks though; it's also a beast of mechanical engineering. The anti-glare sapphire crystal back of the watchcase reveals the meticulously crafted automatic HUB movement for which Hublot watches are well known. Packing hundreds of jewels for long-term low friction movement, the Tutti Frutti will remain accurate and dependable for generations, a quality of paramount importance for any timepiece with the potential of becoming an heirloom.