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Big Bang 44mm Jeweled

    The Hublot Big Bang 44mm jeweled series of gentlemen's watches are a stellar collection of beauty and function in luxury timepieces that outstrips the competition. Several models of this amazing timepiece are made of tantalum, the rare, hard blue-gray lustrous metal named after the Greek ruler, Tantalus. Other models are made of red gold and a few are made of steel.

    Common among the various Hublot watches are cases richly adorned in numerous diamonds. The movement in this series of watches is automatic and the functions on most of the models include hours, minutes, seconds, the date and a self-winding chronograph. This series of watches bears the Hublot signature.

    The Big Bang Tantalum Mat is an unusually handsome luxury timepiece with a case and bezel in tantalum, with a grey dial and a black rubber strap. The bezel is set with 114 diamonds.

    The Big Bang Cappuccino has a case and bezel of 18k red gold. The case is set in 212 diamonds and the bezel is set with 48 large, gorgeous baguette diamonds. The carbon dial is a handsome chocolate brown and the sturdy rubber strap is a matching chocolate brown.

    A stand out member of this stand out series is the Big Bang All Black Carat watch. It is truly an art object. The case is black ceramic, and the bezel is 18K white gold, black PVD, set with 48 black rectangular baguette diamonds. The dial and the rubber strap are also black.

    The Big Bang St. Moritz features a shining silver steel case with 212 diamonds on the case. The steel bezel has 114 diamonds. It features a white dial and a white rubber strap.

    A watch from the Hublot Big Bang 44mm jeweled series would make an outstanding gift for any gentleman.