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Big Bang 41mm Jeweled/ Broderie

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Hublot Watches continues to find variations on its phenomenally successful Big Bang design with this line of jeweled luxury timepieces. The Hublot Big Bang 41mm Jeweled series has the same bold faces as the other Big Bang luxury timepieces. The numerals are easy to read and the hands are oversized, a popular point about Hublot watches. Each watch has a chronograph function displayed by two smaller dials, while a small seconds dial is also included.

The diamonds are certainly the main attraction here, though some of these luxury timepieces also have an impressive amount of rose gold. Of course, white diamonds are the best-known variety of the stone, but it also occurs in other colors as we see here. In some of these luxury timepieces we see diamonds of bright blue and green as well as a stone that Hublot Watches calls a "Tutti-Frutti Camel Diamond" with a rich, golden hue.

As we have seen in some of the other Big Bang luxury timepieces, there is variation in dial color. Some of these Hublot Big Bang 41mm Jeweled selections have faces of white, while others are rose gold, chocolate brown or tantalum. The stones are used in different ways, sometimes appearing only on the body while in other models being used on the dial as well.

As we proceed down the selection we begin to see the blue and green diamonds, colors echoed in the faces. The designers of Hublot Watches love to use these unusual stones, and here they work well with the rose gold of the bodies. Notice that one of the luxury timepieces even has baguettes of hematite, a lustrous silver-gray stone.