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Grand Complications / 175 anniversary (Mens)

Men who desire fine watches for daily wear will find something to their liking in the Grand Complications series. Sturdy leather straps keep the majority of the timepieces firmly in place and provide a comfortable fit. For those seeking an alternative to leather, the Power Reserve Moonphase watch has a stainless steel bracelet style band, which enables it to be water resistant up to 25 meters.

The Patek Philippe watches within this collection are either self-winding or can be wound manually. This feature eliminates the need for battery maintenance of any type. Materials used to create the elegant watch cases include; white, rose, or yellow gold, platinum, or stainless steel. Most cases are round, but there are a few tonneau cases to choose from as well.

The tourbillion crafted into many of these gorgeous timepieces ensures accuracy and precision. Nearly 700 parts within the watch also aid each finely tuned hand. The large numbers or Roman numerals each hand passes over make identifying the current time easy.

Setting the minute repeater function into motion enables the wearer to determine the time in complete darkness. Three distinct chimes are heard for the hours, quarter hours, and minutes associated with the current hand position on the face of the watch. On the backside of each exquisite timepiece, the two gongs can be observed in motion as the minute repeater lever is drawn downward.

Besides providing a perfect account of time, many of these Patek Philippe watches also include a perpetual calendar to keep track of the month, date, and day of the week. Timepieces with the ability to monitor moon phases have an indicator positioned along the bottom portion of the watch face. Any watch from the Grand Complications is a masterpiece in its own right.