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Nautilus Ladies

    From an engagement ring to a luxury watch, a lady's jewelry explains to the world her position in life: where she comes from, and - most importantly - where she is going. To this end, few things can say speak more highly of a lady's elegance and style than the Nautilus Ladies collection of luxury timepieces from Patek Philippe. These sublime watches come in a diversity of models, each with different materials and complications, such as demure leather straps in navy, grey or brown, and exquisitely-crafted bracelets made from white or rose gold.

    With cases primarily in the 32mm size range, the watches in Patek Philippe's Nautilus Ladies collection are perfectly suited to wrists of a lady, be she a powerful businesswoman at a conference or a young baroness at her first evening ball. Many of these watches also feature additional adornments, such as sparkling diamonds and luminescent gold house markers. From the glamorously decorate bezel to the unmistakably reliable engineering inside the case itself, these watches provide a flawless fusion of form and function that will win over even the most skeptical of admirers.

    As one of the most well established Swiss luxury watchmakers (established in 1839), Patek Philippe doesn't exactly need to try hard to get noticed by watch aficionados... And yet, they consistently produce superior products in terms of both mechanics and aesthetics, repeatedly outperforming their prior works. It is this spirit of unrelenting progress, of the never-ending search to master the chronograph, which lies at the heart of the highly acclaimed Nautilus Ladies collection. For the woman in your life, there could be no truer indication of your love and dedication than one of these beautiful pieces.