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J12 42mm

    The J12 watch series has long been popular among lovers of Chanel. This collection, the J12 42mm, features one of their most sought after designs in the largest size available. Each watch is a marvel of precision and beauty, combining practicability with elegance.

    The faces follow the same sleek design as other Chanel timepieces in the J12 series. They are simple and elegant, noting the time with numbers or diamonds. Each face carries the Chanel signature in a prominent place. Other than that, each face is clutter free and easy-to-read.

    Each quartz movement is automatic and features hands for the hours, minutes and seconds. The movement is always precise and accurate, creating a timepiece that is truly dependable.

    The Chanel luxury watches in this collection are crafted out of durable ceramic, reducing chips and scratches. These lovely watches are available in black or white, each one polished until the color shines. The band is made out of the same material and color to ensure continuity.

    The accents are really what make these watches special. Several feature diamonds, sapphires or other precious stones set into the bezel. These jewels add elegance and sparkle while increasing the value of the watch. Other timepieces in this collection use slight touches of 18k yellow or rose gold to call attention to certain key design features.

    With its large case and classic design, the Chanel J12 42mm collection continues to gain popularity. It is sure to enhance the wearer's overall look while becoming a staple piece of their wardrobe. Any man or woman would be thrilled to own one of these gorgeous watches.