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J12 33mm

The Chanel J12 collection has always been extremely popular. Part of its allure is the variety available within the series. The J12 33mm group is one of the most popular variations on the original J12 design.

As is clear from the name, these Chanel luxury watches use a mid-sized 33mm case. This size is considered to be perfect by many people, as it is neither insignificant nor ostentatious. It also allows the designers a little more freedom to include unique and eye-catching details that are unavailable on smaller J12 watches.

Every watch in this collection is made from sturdy yet elegant ceramic, polished to a glossy finish. The band is made of the same color and material to ensure continuity. These Chanel timepieces come in only two colors, black and white. This allows the special details added to each watch to stand out.

To add a little sparkle and class, many of the fabulous watches in this collection feature bezels set with diamonds or other jewels, such as sapphires, emeralds and rubies. The dial is further enhanced on some select watches with the judicious use of rose gold.

The faces of the watches in the J12 33mm series are uncluttered and clean, using numbers or jewels to mark the time. The Chanel signature is also present on each face. The time is marked in hours and minutes, always precise due to the exclusive quartz movement. Some of the watches in this collection also show the date.

These watches always look lovely on the wrists of both men and women. They add class and elegance to any wardrobe selection.