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Special Creation

    Looking through Romain Jerome watches is like going on an adventure. Each luxury timepiece leads the imagination to new places with its amazing design and materials. These watches are made with steel from the Titanic or dust from the moon. Looking into the face of one luxury timepiece after another, one sees mysterious, dark masses of metal and rock assembled into tableaus of the modern world: churning gears, spinning antennae or diagrams of a lunar landing site.

    Limited Editions from Romain Jerome Watches has items from their Moondust DNA, Titanic DNA and Moon Invader lines. Moondust DNA and Moon Invader use moondust, bits of spare parts from the Apollo 11 mission and fibers from an ISS spacesuit. In the Moondust series, each luxury timepiece has a face pocked with tiny craters and a small second dial like a diagram of a landing site. The Moon Invader series employs spare parts from the lunar mission assembled into domed shapes like alien spacecraft.

    In our Limited Editions series we present each design from Romain Jerome Watches in several colors, each luxury timepiece radiating a strange, mysterious ambience.

    In the Titanic DNA line, pieces of rusted steel from the famous wreck have been assembled into shapes like girders and masses of crushed machinery. Bezels are black, pitted metal shaped like a porthole rim. Again we show several variations and colors.