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Older Models

In the world of luxury timepieces, there are a few names that ring down through history like the names of fallen heroes. Enthusiasts of fine watches who recognize and respect quality speak of them with reverence. When a company discontinues a well-loved model, fans mourn its passing and collectors start scouring their sources to find the few remaining ones before they are all gone.

If you are one of these people, look no further. The Luminor name from Officine Panerai is one of the great families of luxury timepieces, and here we have six all-time favorites that have vanished without a trace from other sources.

With its three chronograph dials and tachymeter scale around the outer edge, the Luminor Chronograph is the perfect high-performance watch for water sporting. Now hard to get, we have it here at a substantial savings.

The Luminor GMT has the multiple time zone function seen in other luxury timepieces from Officine Panerai. In addition to the main dial displaying local time, there is a ring around the outer edge that lets the wearer see the time in other zones. Again, our price is well below retail.

The other four luxury timepieces from Officine Panerai are from their 44mm series. The first two models have date display and small seconds hands, while the last two models are triple-dial chronographs.