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Special Editions 2014

    Officine Panerai is world-renowned for its luxury timepieces. A strong dedication to both quality and aesthetic beauty has resulted in their highly desirable collections of watches. This popularity does have some disadvantages: more people choose watches produced by Officine Panerai due to their superior quality, meaning that it is possible someone will have the same luxury timepiece at any occasion. Luckily, there is a way to avoid this problem: while Officine Panerai has maintains some styles year after year, they also produce limited edition watches each year. These watches are manufactured for a very short time and only a small number of watches are produced. Such limitations severely restrict the number of people who can own a particular style, ensuring that only the most refined individuals can ever possess these exclusive watch models.

    Officine Panerai is recognized for having an understated, yet classic, style, and their limited edition designs emphasize this timeless appeal. These watches, such as the Luminor 1950 and the Radiomir Regatta One Eighth Second Titanium, feature clean dials with easy to read numerals. Watch collectors and trendsetters alike would both be pleased to own one of these beautiful and exclusive luxury timepieces. Both elegant and rare, limited edition watches are the perfect way to get all the advantages of a high quality name while maintaining a unique design.