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Older Models

Here we have an assortment of favorites from IWC Watches, one of Europe's oldest and most venerated watch designers. Some of these luxury timepieces may be hard to find from other sources, but we have them at a substantial discount.

The list reads like a "Who's Who" of fine watch design. IWC Watches has created some of the true icons of modern watchmaking, and lines such as their Pilot and Aquatimer series are highly respected among those who know luxury timepieces. These are only two of the lines represented in this series, which also includes selections from the legendary Ingenieur and Spitfire series.

While they may be discontinued models, these luxury timepieces represent the most advanced forms in their line. For instance, the Ingenieur line underwent considerable improvement in its shock-absorbing system, and the models shown here have all those improvements. These IWC watches show the ultimate state of advancement for their specific lines.

IWC watches are generally not as gaudy as some other luxury timepieces, but they do have their share of shine. In these selections we see specimens using rose gold, white gold and silver as well as the ever-popular stainless steel. All these watches have date indicators and some also have power reserve dials, chronograph functions and small seconds dials.

The luxury timepieces in this line with the most complications are the Da Vinci Chronographs. These are some of the finest creations ever to come from IWC Watches, and some of its most coveted collectors' items. In addition to their chronograph dials, they also have small seconds dials.

These are the greatest hits of IWC Watches, now available at a bargain price.