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Older Models

In the business of luxury timepieces, it is inevitable that some models are discontinued as new ones come in. These discontinued watches instantly become even more desirable because there will never be anymore of them.

Here we have an assortment of Hublot older models including some of their most definitive works. These are the luxury timepieces that showed Hublot watches to the world, and they will always be icons of fine watchmaking.

The first two luxury timepieces are the well-named Classic Large models, the first with a stainless steel body and the second with yellow gold. The bezels and hands are yellow gold, as is the prestigious emblem of Hublot Watches in the upper dial.

After that we have four variations on the phenomenally successful Big Bang design. The luxury timepieces of the Big Bang series are the "greatest hits" of Hublot Watches, their most popular line to date. These Hublot older models include the ultra-cool Big Bang Platinum with white and black diamonds, an emphatically masculine watch with an air of strength and solidity.

The next three luxury timepieces are variations on the Cappuccino color ensemble, which has a chocolate brown dial surrounded by rose gold. The first of these three Hublot watches has a porthole bezel while the other two have a row of white diamonds around the bezel.

The final selection in this line of Hublot older models is one of the striking black-on-black ceramic Hublot watches. The black hands and hourmarkers are visible because of their shine, which makes them stand out against the flat black face. The only thing bright on this watch is the screws, which provide a touch of emphasis.