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Villeret Men's

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A watch does two things. The first is simply that it tells time. However,the second is often much more important. A watch says something about you.It makes a claim about your personality and your success. A watch says thatyou have accomplished things that few other people have accomplished, thatyou have been successful in a world in which success is hard to come by.Luxury watches do this is a way that nothing else can. People will see thewatches that you own and will instantly look up to you. The BlancpainVilleret is one of these luxury timepieces, and you will not regret buyingit.

First off, the Villeret is a beauty of a watch. The metalwork is all done inrose gold that shines under the lights and draws people’‘s attention to yourwrist, to that symbol of your success. The faceplate is all white, a perfectcompliment to the dark of the leather band. The band is not some imitationleather, either, but the real thing. It is a band that will look good andstay comfortable for as long as you wear the watch. The clasp on the back ismade of the same rose gold as the front, bringing the entire color scheme tocompletion.

As far as functions go, you want a watch that can do a lot, not just onethat looks good. You will be using it when you are not near any othertimepieces. The watch has separate hands for the hours, the minutes, and theseconds. It can also tell you the date. Further more, it has a chronograph.This is a watch that is not limited by its own luxury. It can tell youeverything that you need to know quickly and easily. The watch is entirelyanalog, not digital, so all of the information is presented in an attractivemanner.

Luxury watches are a good way to tell the world about yourself. If you buythe Blancpain Villeret, you will be telling the world a story of success, astory of exactly where you stand.