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Older Models

Luxury timepieces are a lot like classic cars. Some incredible styles are created that people love and would hope to have forever. Unfortunately, manufacturers frequently change their designs in order to create new styles. Luckily, like classic cars, many of these timepieces were so well made that they are still around many years later. It is possible to purchase older models of watches, even after the manufacturer has discontinued them.

Graham watches have many discontinued models that are still in high demand. Many collectors enjoy these sturdy, elegant, timepieces and would love to have them in their collections. Others have misplaced favorite watches and long to have a suitable replacement. Graham watches, such as the popular Chronofighter and Silverstone styles, can still be found, much to the delight of many eager to purchase these upscale timepieces.

Why are these older model Graham watches still so popular? These luxury timepieces were built with innovative Swiss technologies. This brand was actually chosen by the Greenwich Royal Observatory to create the Master Clock used by astronomers in the 18th century. With a long history of precise watch building, these watches represent the epitome in mechanical arts. Graham watches have built on this history, always creating the most technologically advanced and creative watch designs. As such, they are incredibly attractive to both watch connoisseur and collectors.

The Graham commitment to quality ensures that these watches will last for many years to come. With an attractive style and interesting mechanical design, Graham watches are sure to be a hit for anyone with an interest in watch design or history.