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Older Models

It is not unusual for someone to search for a classic watch made by the time honored watchmaker Breguet. It can be difficult to find said watches, however. Thankfully, many of these watches can be found here. All of the watches in this collection have been discontinued. They are classic pieces that are highly sought after.

The variety in this group of watches is amazing. At any given time, one can find Breguet luxury watches from the Classique, Marine and Heritage collections, among others. All are made with the same level of quality as the watches crafted this year. The value of many of these watches has increased over time since they have been discontinued.

Watches in this group are made from many different metals and alloys, including 18k yellow, white and rose gold. Some are also made of platinum or stainless steel. Bands may be made of the same material, or the watch may use quality leather straps.

Complications also vary greatly among these Breguet timepieces. Some are chronographs as well as watches. Others include perpetual calendars, power reserves, moon phase markers or tourbillons. Each watch is carefully made to insure precision and longevity.

Several of the watches in this collection feature diamonds or other jewels to add glamour and sparkle. These precious stones can be found on the bevel, face or band of the watch. This is especially beautiful on the watches that feature a unique case shape, enhancing the elegant design.

No matter which type of watch one is looking for, they are sure to find it in this exclusive series of Breguet Older Models.