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Special Editions 2010

    The Luminor GMT is a stainless steel watch with a chronometer certificate from C.O.S.C., the Swiss authority that evaluates native-produced luxury timepieces. This is a designation of superior accuracy and quality earned by relatively few luxury timepieces, though Officine Panerai has been awarded many.

    In addition to its prestigious certification, the Luminor GMT simply looks great. To the discerning eye, it says, "Officine Panerai," without mistake. The small magnifier over the date window is a distinctive mark of Officine Panerai, as is the trademark crown guard. While this watch is definitely a special edition, it has many of the familiar design elements that fans of luxury timepieces have come to expect from Officine Panerai.

    The second of these Special Editions from Officine Panerai is the Radiomir Regatta One-Eighth Second. The name reveals that it is intended for water racing, as does the two-counter chronograph. It also has a feature that has been seen on other luxury timepieces from Officine Panerai, a one-eighth second counter. Most chronographs are content to show only the nearest second, but Officine Panerai, aware that such events can be decided by factors of less than a second, provides this feature so the wearer of this watch will have the same degree of accuracy as the judges. The Radiomir Regatta will calculate boat speed in nautical miles, another popular function distinctive to Officine Panerai's luxury timepieces.