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Special Editions 2008

    The 2008 Special Editions from Officine Panerai showed all the design strength and technical skill that have made the Swiss watchmaker famous. The Luminor and Radiomir lines are two iconic creations of Officine Panerai that never lose their popularity, and this year both lines got new members.

    Officine Panerai has always been one of the world's greatest designers of luxury timepieces for the diving industry, and items of this type always feature prominently in their yearly Special Editions. In 2008 we saw the issue of a new Luminor Marina, the designer's legendary diving watch. It certainly looks like a maritime watch, with its porthole bezel and cool, metallic tones.

    Another superior diving watch is the Luminor 2500M, a submersible with water resistance to 2,500 meters. This is unusual among luxury timepieces, most of which are only water resistant to a depth of 100 or 300 meters. Those luxury timepieces are fine for shallower diving, but this one is made for greater depth. Again we see the heavy metal bezel and patented crown guard, the unique mark of Officine Panerai.

    The Luminor Regatta Chronograph is also for water activity, but of a different type. Enthusiasts of boat racing will love this handsome watch with its small seconds hand, chronograph dial and tachymeter scale.

    As with other Officine Panerai products, these luxury timepieces have chronometer certification from the C.O.S.C.