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Big Bang 44mm Aero Bang

    With the Hublot Aero Bang series, Hublot Watches has once more demonstrated their ability to make some of the best and most honored luxury timepieces in the world. They have taken their highly successful Big Bang series and given it a new cutaway dial showing the intricate movement, then explored the concept in several variations.

    These luxury timepieces have a main dial displaying hours and minutes and a separate seconds hand at the bottom of the face. The chronograph function is perfect for split-second timing, and is displayed on two small dials at 3 and 6 on the main dial. The cutaway face reveals a maze of precise gears, while a see-through back allows viewing from behind. The hands and hourmarkers are big and easy to see, while the renowned Hublot name is shown prominently below 12.

    The luxury timepieces in this exceptional line from Hublot Watches employ several different materials, from tungsten and ceramic on the first models to rose gold and stainless steel on the later ones. While Hublot watches are not generally as ornamental as other luxury timepieces, some of the Aero Bang watches have a double row of diamonds around the face. On the models with rose gold bodies, the hands are also made of that metal.

    These Hublot watches are stylish and attractive, but that does not diminish their air of seriousness and authority. While people who love a bit of sparkle can certainly find it here, on the whole these luxury timepieces have the feel of competence, strength and masculinity. Hublot Aero Bang from Hublot Watches is a line of luxury timepieces with style, solid construction and integrity.