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Premier Excenter

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Identified by impressive sets of off-center dials, the Excenter series of Harry Winston watches equips the wearer with a look that is both lavish and tasteful, all while providing an impressive variety of information via the many dials on the timepieces. These luxury timepieces present a vast array of functions, including such standards as the hour and minute, as well as providing supplemental functions such as a perpetual calendar, chronograph and the phases of the moon.

The Excenter series allows for a wide variety of tastes, providing casing options that include 18k Rose, platinum, and white gold. Additionally, there are different band styles from which to choose. The series includes watches with leather bands made for gentlemen and a posh diamond bracelet style for the ladies. Within the series are options for bands and casings crusted with diamonds. The colors range from the classic black and brown to stylish blues and whites. For the wearer concerned with making just the right statement, these timepieces are available with the wearer’‘s choice of composites. For example, the pure white leather band is paired with both a white gold option and a classy silver casing complete with diamonds. Those wishing for a manlier look can pair a black leather band with white gold, silver, or even platinum casings, and may even opt for the diamond-studded look.

Harry Winston watches are known for their luxurious quality, timeless beauty, and cutting edge features. The Excenter series is no exception to this rule. The classic round-face style is a testament to the timeless quality of the traditional watch, while the stylized dials provide wearers with all of the latest technology available in a watch, presenting the information in a top-of-the-line, modern design. Many of the cases measure under 40mm, with a few options measuring at 41mm, and a selection measuring at a slim 32mm. Some of these luxury timepieces work through the use of quartz, and some have an automatic mode of timekeeping. Regardless of which watch is chosen, the Excenter series is an unprecedented selection of luxury timepieces.