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    Ever since the days of the sundial, people have been creating chronometers. Many have been practical; some were made to be handsome. After thousands of years the evolution of timepieces has progressed beyond the capabilities of any one person to master. Realizing this, when designing the Opus Collection, Harry Winston partnered with others in a collaborative effort to create premier luxury timepieces.

    These days, machines can make watches and professional craftsmen build luxury timepieces. However, to achieve a true accomplishment in this world it takes teamwork and cooperation. Greater things can be accomplished by working together with others; because of this, the Opus Collection of Harry Winston watches stands alone.

    In an effort to craft truly stunning luxury timepieces, the jewelers at Harry Winston looked beyond themselves for inspiration and insight. Partnering with top watchmakers, the Opus Collection is a series designed by famous jewelers and accomplished watchmakers. The result is a series of luxury timepieces that shows teamwork really can achieve more. The Opus series is a singular type of luxury chronometer. From its conception to its inception, the design and production are unlike other timepieces and result in a luxury timepiece in a league of its own.

    Reflective of all the different minds that went into forming this series, its pieces are each individually special from one another. Some of the cases are rectangular, others in a circle. This individuality is also reflected in the varied hands, or lack of. These watches are truly more than a clock, they are luxurious timepieces.

    The Opus Collection is distinct from many other collections in its unifying factor. Usually the design of the hands and numbers are identical in a series, or the series has a common case. This is not true of these Harry Winston watches. The unifier of the Opus Collection is much more than a pattern. It is an idea, a concept that can change the world: together, we can accomplish more.