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Project Z

    In today’‘s world, it is impossible to escape time. It is all around, from on the microwave at home to the bank’‘s clock along the commute. The time is displayed almost everywhere. To simply keep time, cell phones are perfectly capable of accomplishing the task. Watches are not worn any longer to keep time. They are chosen to make a statement.

    For those who want to achieve more in this world, the Project Z series of Harry Winston watches is a suitable match. These luxury timepieces convey authority and power. They are for the confident leader, the alpha male. These are neither cute nor nice watches. With a masculine case and larger dimensions, these are big, bold luxury timepieces.

    The black leather band stands in stark contrast to the Zalium case. Zalium is an exclusive, zirconium-based alloy. Perhaps uncommonly known, zirconium is the penultimate masculine metal. If unfamiliar with the element, consider asking an aeronautical engineer, as it is often employed in the field. Its hypoallergenic properties and resistance to corrosion are ideal for jewelry and watches. Against the dark leather strap, zirconium’‘s finish, reminiscent of gunmetal, strikes the eye with a daring taunt. Few places allow people to walk in with a pair of Smith and Wessons holstered, but the Project Z series is permitted everywhere. With it, the same statement can be subtly made in the office as a pair of six-shooters did when they entered a saloon.

    To obtain success requires courage, daring and strength. The zirconium in Project Z has strength nearly unparalleled in luxury timepieces, while its design is big and bold. This is the perfect watch for the successful man who is in control, leading others.