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High Jewelry

    The femininity of a woman is represented in these stunningly exquisite pieces from Harry Winston watches. Yet, the sure design also characterizes a sense of stability and structured firmness.

    Few luxury timepieces compare to the dramatic beauty of the Jewels watch series. These watches are an expertly crafted merger of functionality and style. The watchcase is beautifully arrayed with premium-cut sparkling diamonds. These perfectly shaped stones are flawless and of the highest quality. They catch and reflect the light, creating a shimmering aura of incandescence. The flash of jewels seems to almost overwhelm the clock face, though not to the point of gaudiness, but rather in a way that is pleasing to the eye.

    On most of the models of these luxury timepieces, the band, as well, is arrayed to match the design of the watchcase. It is fitted with several rows of sparkling diamonds of the purest quality. They are painstakingly set in just such a way so that only the jewels show, with very little of the metal band being revealed. The designs of each model stray from a uniform design. Each is unique in their own way, freely expressing a distinctive sense of personality and style. The designs are whimsical and gorgeous, conveying a sense of élan and flair. They are the essence of flamboyance, without leaving behind professionalism. The combination creates an expression of style and individuality and stands apart from the crowd.

    One model differs from the rest in that it is fitted with a satin strap for a clean, glossy look. The style gives an expression of austerity, but rather than appearing rigid and unappealing, it serves instead to create a sense of elegance and finesse.

    All the styles in this series are expertly fashioned from 18k white gold to create a stunning match that compliments the diamonds perfectly.