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High Complication

    When designing the High Complication series, the craftsmen of Harry Winston watches realized a chronograph is much more than a watch. Luxury timepieces make statements. Some are ideal for boardrooms and meetings, while others are more relaxed. Most importantly, a luxury timepiece silently declares something about the gentleman or lady wearing it. That is why when designing the High Complication series, Harry Winston held to a few common principles, but adapted those to a wide variety of designs.

    All of the Harry Winston watches in the High Complication series hold some aspects in common. With the exception of the Diane timepiece, whose strap is satin, each has a leather strap. All of the luxury timepieces contain a tourbillion, paired with a minute repeater. While keeping a few basic concepts this series does not limit a person to a single design.

    The designs of the High Complication Series are as varied as the people who wear them. These Harry Winston watches are not even limited to a single gender; they offer models for both men and women in the series. The casings vary, but all are beautifully well designed. Choices for the cases vary from 18k white gold to rose gold and even include platinum. By combining these with different hand designs and dials, everyone is bound to find a suitable chronometer in the High Complication series.

    When a Harry Winston watch is donned, it speaks of style, grace and power. These luxury timepieces make quiet assertions without using words. Why be limited to a choice of a few similar models? Personalities are varied, and luxury timepieces should reflect the landscape of people. The High Complication series allows people to find the perfect luxury timepiece to reflect their individuality.