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    When you consider the variety of luxury timepieces on the market today, it’‘s obvious that their makers have different priorities. Some are trying to design watches of tomorrow, and they’‘re doing a good job of it. Others are trying to revive classic looks, also with great success.

    Harry Winston watches have some of these elements, but they are not the main goal of this company. Mr. Winston was a man with a keen interest in precious stones, and he made luxury timepieces for people like himself.

    The Avenue line is a good illustration. The first five of these luxury timepieces are sumptuous collections of white baguette diamonds in patterns to captivate the curious eye. The wide field has room for two dials displaying different time zones.

    In the first, the stones are on a dark background for maximum shine. The rectangular dials have smaller diamonds and the prestigious Harry Winston Watches insignia is prominent.

    The next two luxury timepieces are variations on the theme with round dials. The first of these Harry Winston watches has a face of white gold while the second is darker.

    In the fourth selection, the face is a solid blaze of diamonds. The bling’‘s the thing with Harry Winston watches, and that’‘s obvious in this stunning display of stones and white gold. The fifth of the luxury timepieces has a rectangular border with white diamonds, but the face is not jeweled, giving a look that some may find easier to read. The main dial is rectangular while the other time zone dial is round, creating an intriguing look.

    There are a few watches without jewels here, but they have their share of shine with heavy borders of white or yellow gold. These are gentlemen’‘s watches, masculine but bearing the distinctive look of Harry Winston watches. The final selection in the line uses the same design as the men’‘s watches, but adds the sparkle of diamonds for a feminine air.