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Breitling and Bentley have both made their names in manufacturing the highest performing, most prestigious mechanical machines on the planet. With the Breitling Bentley series of watches, the two companies honor that tradition of excellence by offering superior quality and ultimately stylish timepieces. This alluring collection is made for men, with motorists especially in mind. The collection includes a number of outstanding Breitling luxury watches, even one featuring a rectangular case, known as the Flying B.

The signature model of the Breitling Bentley lineup is the Motors T, a design implemented especially for automobile enthusiasts. In addition to the standard time and date function, Breitling Bentley has included a unique 30-second chronograph, enabling twice the accuracy in time measurements. A variable tachometer with circular slide rule also adorns the Breitling Bentley Motors T, allowing the bearer to calculate time, distance traveled and speeds while on the road. Powering the Motors T is the automatic Calibre 25B movement, COSC-certified for precision and accuracy.

A unique selection offered by Breitling Bentley is the Flying B watch, which has a rectangular dial and case for a striking appearance. A subtle detail implemented by Breitling Bentley is the blending of the push buttons into the case, creating a sleek, streamlined look. This line of Breitling timepieces utilizes the Calibre 44B movement, which, like all Breitling offerings, carries the esteemed COSC-certification.

The Breitling Bentley 6.75 timepiece is named after the most powerful Bentley motor, the 6.75 liter engine in the Mulsanne limousine. Like its namesake, this Breitling luxury watch is powered by a high-performance mechanism with the same luxurious styling. A noteworthy element of refinement is the five-spoke emblem on the caseback, reminiscent of the wheel of the Bentley automobile.

For a sleeker, more compact instrument, invoking images of a sports vehicle, the two companies developed the Breitling Bentley GT. It sports all the same features and splendor of its cousins, just in a smaller, nimbler form factor.