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In the history of luxury timepieces, there have been a few moments of true historic significance. Famous watches have been present at some of the great events of the past, a fact that was later immortalized by the issue of commemorative special editions.

Such a moment came in 1969, when a Speedmaster Professional made by Omega Watches went to the moon with the Apollo 11 mission. Today, Omega Watches' Speedmaster Professional Apollo 11 commemorates that achievement. This dignified watch, with its platinum body and dark face, is a fitting memorial bearing the Apollo 11 emblem on one of the three chronograph dials.

This is only one of the luxury timepieces in the Speedmaster line from Omega Watches. This selection includes several variations on the theme, with gold, silver and stainless steel represented in different models. On some models, the three chronograph dials are at 3, 6 and 9, while in those models with date, the chronographs are located at 6, 9 and 12.

There is also a bit of flash here, as white baguette diamonds appear on some models. The designers of Omega Watches have tried to find a variation for all tastes, utilizing different colors and materials. One model has a blue dial while another has red, oversized numbers. Both the conventional and the unconventional are represented here, but all have the unmistakable mark of Omega Watches.

The descendants of the Moon Watch are still here, and now there is a variation for everybody. The Speedmaster series from Omega Watches had the luxury timepiece that went to the moon, and here are its direct descendants, offered for prices that are less than astronomical.