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Léman Ladies

    Luxury watches create an immediate and dramatic statement on any ladieswrist. A signature Blancpain watch can illustrate the prestige of a finetimepiece while retaining a feminine touch. These watches vary from simpleand elegant to eye catching and extravagant. Crafted using only the finestmaterials, luxury timepieces are spectacular additions to any woman’‘saccessories.

    The height of prestige, a Leman Ladies timepiece demonstrates the power ofsuccess when adoring any woman’‘s wrist. Mother of pearl dials provide a softyet impressive touch when used as a dial face. The lustrous finish enhancesany dial face, adding incredible depth and interest. The subtle shine ofmother of pearl makes both the band of the watch and precious metal standout, creating complete luxury timepieces.

    For ladies seeking luxury watches but want a sleek and slim profile, severalultra slim options are available. These watches can be worn with dresses orother outfits that require simple and delicate accessories while still beingluxurious. A smooth satin watch band paired with white gold and diamonds isthe ultimate in feminine accessories.

    Diamonds lining a Leman Ladies watch transform it from merely a timepieceinto something glamorous. These watches are unmistakably classic, with avariety of watch bands available. Black or brown leather bridges the gapbetween professional and casual, matching any elegant outfit easily. Satinmakes a stunning impression in white, pink, or black when worn with diamondsand gold.

    Many Blancpain ladies timepieces feature a moon phase tracker, while othersoffer the ability to see a second time zone. This additional time zoneoption can be ideal for women who must travel frequently for business andprefer to keep track of the time in more than one location. Accurate hours,minute and second hands on each timepiece makes it easy to tell time in asleek and classic way.