The incomparable quality of Cartier timepieces comes to the fast lane with the Cartier Roadster collection. Their design reflects the sportive lifestyle of men and women who have a taste for the finer things, and these timepieces are "king of the road" when it comes to Cartier luxury watches.

    All models tell time in Roman numerals, which are stretched over the watch face as though they were made for speed. For convenience, Cartier Roadster comes with or without the sweeping second hand, depending on preference.

    For men, the Cartier Roadster offers a larger, masculine design in chronograph and dual time zone models. Cases are available in sterling silver, white and yellow gold, with straps in the same metals or crocodile leather. Chunky but never clunky, these luxury timepieces tell time with authority, precision and style.

    For ladies, the Cartier Roadster offers a smaller, more feminine design with all the sportiness of the men's watches while showing off slender wrists and hands. A complement to any outfit, the Cartier Roadster even comes with a pink watch face for an ultra-feminine touch. Gold, silver and crocodile straps can be interchanged for just the right look.

    Ladies who prefer the sparkle of diamonds as they tell time may choose the Cartier Roadster in white or yellow gold. A double-row of diamonds borders the watch face, catching the light from every angle.

    Unmatched quality with classic looks and style sets these Cartier luxury watches apart from the crowd.