Since their founding in 1735, Blancpain’‘s artisans, using skills andtechniques that have been passed down through thirteen generations, havebeen crafting highly sophisticated luxury timepieces that are both on thecutting edge of horological technology, regardless of when they were built,and exude understated elegance and style. Their Leman watches, so named forthe magnificent lake that inspired its design, is no exception to the Swisscompany’‘s excruciatingly high standards of excellence in designing andbuilding luxury watches that are destined to become treasured heirlooms.

    Leman luxury timepieces are each a piece of functional artwork. Only a fewhundred will be made of these self winding watches, and each bears its ownserial number, which has been recorded in the company’‘s records. Theaesthetic beauty of this luxury watch is surpassed only the horologicaltechnology that it houses within its polished gold or stainless steel case.

    Like many of the luxury watchmaker’‘s masterpieces, this watch is availablein styles for both men and women, and in a few different models, each ofwhich is suitable for the busy executive whose day may include time spentwith his board of directors followed by a strategic lunch with colleaguesand a charitable black tie gala in the evening. If, like the suave JamesBond, you find yourself zipping from work to play and back again, then thisis the watch that will keep you on time to fit it all in.

    Though you may be more likely to find yourself dining on prawns from thebottom of the ocean than diving to collect them yourself, this finely madewatch’‘s screw in crown, case, and push buttons combine for effective waterresistance that means that this luxury timepiece is entirely appropriate foreither occasion. The highly legible numerals make it easy to read with onlya quick glance, while astronomy enthusiasts will delight in the optionalmoon phase dial on the face of this watch.

    This watch also is available in a highly coveted Tourbillon model. Thiswatch takes luxury to new heights with its birds eye view of the clock’‘ssophisticated inner workings.