Class Open

    Zenith Watches are known for a combination of exquisite workmanship, understated elegance, and unparalleled accuracy in a mechanical watch, and the Zenith Class Open is no exception to that rule.

    "Open" refers to the signature viewing windows Zenith Watches makes, allowing the true watch lover the indescribable joy of watching the main gears turn and the crank regulate their speed, in other words, peering into the living heart of a fine hand-made watch. This is a pleasure you won't get with a quartz movement.

    The heart of the Class Open is Zenith Watches' signature El Primero movement. Zenith movements are of such high quality that many other big name watch manufacturers have used a Zenith action for their core. The El Primero automatic self-winding movement, first introduced in 1965, is widely regarded as the best mechanical watch movement on the planet today. The design of the El Primero movement allows 36,000 alterations per hour, allowing chronographs to have accurate resolutions of as little as 1/10th of a second, and allowing for unparalleled long term accuracy, compared with most movements with a vph of only 28,000.

    The case is black matte or burnished stainless steel, the viewing window is scratch resistant sapphire crystal, and the watches feature dials indicating the date and Moonphase as well as the time of day. The main number indicators and hands are self-illuminating and this rugged beauty is water resistant to a depth of 100 feet.