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BR 01-96

    Those who put no price on luxury and style always demand the best of the best. Quality and style are a part of every aspect of their wardrobe, even down to the accessories such as a fabulous watch. When personal style is of the utmost importance, look to the Big Date for the perfect luxury timepiece. Bell & Ross luxury watches are second to none when it comes to elegant timepieces and are known around the world for top quality workmanship. One of the most popular watches in their line, the Big Date, will turn heads at any board meeting or private social club with its subtle styling that emanates exquisite taste.

    Luxury timepieces such as these are a masterpiece in themselves. The Big Date watch uses a self-winding mechanism that gives the owner peace of mind that this watch will never let them down. The astonishingly sleek finish contains over 22 different precious and semi-precious stones faceted to perfection. This watch will never let one go without knowing the time down to the last second as it features hour, minute, and second hands along with its namesake large date display. Luxury timepieces such as these have traditionally been created for those with inactive lifestyles although this watch is water-proof for up to 100 meters as owners of this timepiece never know where their adventures may take them. Luxury begins and ends with this particular masterpiece, as Bell & Ross employ only the finest craftsmen in the world.

    For sheer luxury that most people don’‘t understand, this particular watch may go unnoticed by those who do not know exquisite quality. However, for those people who discern top quality from cheap knock-offs, this timepiece transcends all categories. Bell & Ross is a company that has turned heads for decades upon end and will continue to transform the luxury accessory market to meet the ever growing needs of those who demand the best.