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Carrera Automatic

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Carrera Automatic has certainly been a successful line for TAG Heuer Watches. This group of watches has given birth to several offspring, each a variation of the famous design. Here we have a splendid array of watches from Carrera Automatic, some with features and some uncomplicated.

This selection of TAG Heuer watches begins with a group of dual-dial chronographs. While some of the Carrera Automatic models have the more conventional arrangement in which circular dials are used for the chronograph function, some models have the less-common setup with crescent dials at 3 and 6 for that purpose.

Moving through the selection, we see several of the Carrera Automatic Tachymeter watches. These are chronographs with counter dials at 12 and 6 while the small second dial is at 9, leaving the 3 spot open for the date window. As the name implies, there is a tachymeter scale around the bezel. Some of these Carrera Automatic models also have a window for the day of the week.

Next our selection includes some of the Carrera Automatic GMT models. Each luxury timepiece has a window for the display of Greenwich Mean Time. There is also a date window, which appears at 3 in some models and under 12 in others.

For those desiring fewer features, our Carrera Automatic line finishes up with some less complicated models. Here style is everything, each luxury timepiece showing the design strength that TAG Heuer Watches are famous for. Clean, concise dials are surrounded by supple, tapered cases and lugs. Each luxury timepiece has a date window. Various styles are shown, some with light or dark dials, others with numerals or non-numerical hour markers.