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Calatrava Ladies

    Since 1932, the Calatrava line has been offering beautifully crafted watches for both men and women alike. The Calatrava Ladies watches feature many unique features that make it a very popular design for women all across the globe. Aesthetics are what makes the watch so highly sought after because there are aspects to these watches that no other designer has been able to duplicate.

    The Patek Philippe watches is all about the attention to detail as well as perfectly made timepieces. This means that you not only get to find out the time when you exhibit one of these watches on your wrist, but you show your sense of style to everyone around you. The bezels around each watch contain some of the most endearing designs that have ever made it into the watch industry. You will notice very graphic engravings on the bezel or each as well as some that are encrusted with flawless designs.

    Your watch can be worn for the day or the evening and be able to glamour your way through any crowd. These watches are all about self-expression, not just a gorgeous piece of jewelry. You can find bracelets made of leather, white gold, yellow gold and even satin. Patek Philippe watches are designed for comfort, so the watch can be worn for hours on end without ever realizing that it is there.

    For an undeniably breathtaking design, the Calatrava simply cannot be reproduced by any designer. The face of each watch is very clear to read without any distracting designs sprawling across it. Instead, it's all about clean lines and legible numbers. The watch is perfect for the sophisticated, fashion-sensible woman.