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Reverso Duo

    Reverso Duo watches featuring the movement on the left and the dial on the right give off a brilliant appearance in an oversized case. The Tourbillon movement featured in these watches is a stunning display of the finest craftsmanship in luxury watchmaking. On the other models, beautiful traditional dials showing the local time are matched by that of another time zone on the back, in keeping with the Duo's theme. These highly collectible watches are strategically accented with diamonds to create an even more pronounced piece of lasting work.

    Brilliant cases of rose gold, yellow gold, or steel encase the dials, with leather straps giving a classy feel and a comfort fit to the wearer. The stainless steel bracelet found on one of these watches in lieu of a leather bracelet lends class to the steel and silver design of the case and dial. Many pieces in this collection feature a seconds sub-dial at the six o'clock position, giving an interesting variation to the rectangular shape of the dial. Manual wind mechanical movements with a generous power reserve are the mode of operation for the watches in this series.

    These luxury timepieces vary in range of features and price, but all are worthy of a connoisseur's perusal and consideration, as they are built to the most precise specifications, as is typical of Jaeger LeCoultre watches. The engineered precision of these watches alone makes them candidates for the collection of even the most jaded watch collector, and any casual wearer of fine luxury timepieces will be unable to take their eyes off such a gorgeous piece. Made to be worn and made to be collected, the Reverso Duo series will not be overlooked nor quickly forgotten.