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Senator Edition

    When a person hears that a wristwatch is traditional and simple, they frequently assume that it is plain and boring. This is not true, however, of the luxury timepieces in the Senator Edition.

    Each watch in the Senator Edition is a unique timepiece designed to be as original as possible. While depending on clean, traditional lines, the watches are kept modern by a careful attention to detail and color. The results are unlike those found in any other watch collection.

    These Glashutte Original watches are made with the same round case shape as all the other Senator watches. Each case features a wide bevel that is polished to a shine and free from embellishment. The cases are attached to leather straps or a metal bracelet. This maintains the traditional feel of each wristwatch.

    The faces within the cases are what show the amazing aesthetic differences a few changes can make. Each watch face in this collection is slightly different from the others. Some faces are extremely simple. They show the hours and minutes, nothing else. Others, however, contain small apertures and dials that let the wearer know the date and day of the week. Each complication is carefully placed on the dial in a way that adds to the watch’‘s overall beauty.

    Still others have small power reserve meters placed near the 10 o’‘clock position. These watches are best for those who need complete accuracy at all times; they will also show the date.

    The various types of faces come in a number of different color combinations. This allows the wearer to reveal his personality with his timepiece. The effect is always pleasant.