From time to time, one of the great watchmakers will simply turn their designers loose. They are allowed to devise as many complications as they like and enclose them in any kind of unique and gorgeous body they choose. The restraint that they have shown in other creations is thrown out the window as they make special creations for their own interest and that of their customers. It must be fun, we imagine.

    As we can see from this line of exceptional Specialities, the results certainly are. Here we have a line of beautiful and ingenious luxury timepieces from Omega Watches, set with precious stones and glittering with complications.

    This Specialities series also includes commemorative editions, such as Omega Watches' Olympic Series and the famed Speedmaster series of Apollo 11 lore. Of course, these were produced in limited quantities and are already unavailable from many other sources.

    Omega Watches' Seamaster and Speedmaster series encompass a lavish array of diamonds and precious metals. White and orange baguette diamonds appear here in various arrangements, as do rose, white and yellow gold cases.

    Of course, luxury timepieces commemorating sports events should logically be chronographs. Here, Omega Watches presents them with either three or five dials, with the latter arranged in the familiar Olympic rings pattern. There is a great deal of variety here, with the design being shown with dark, light and mother-of-pearl faces.

    The last luxury timepieces in the Specialities line are the Museum pieces. The first of these is the commemorative JFK watch, smooth and simple with its case of yellow gold. The remaining selections are chronographs of unique design including the enigmatic Specialities No. 6, whose dial is itself a piece of gleaming modernistic sculpture.