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Master Control Ultra Thin

    The Master Control Ultra Thin series from Jaeger LeCoultre Watches is the culmination of a long tradition. Once again the masters of thin, lightweight watch design have presented the world with a line of luxury timepieces so thin and light, you'd swear there was nothing there. Couple this with the almost minimalistic dial design that makes Jaeger LeCoultre Watches so recognizable the world over, and you've got a line of luxury timepieces that are probably the most comfortable in the world.

    Rose gold, always a favorite with designers of luxury timepieces, makes many appearances here, lending its warmth to the bezels and lugs of some models. Included is the Master Ultra Thin 1833, designed in honor of the company's 175th anniversary and featuring rose gold highlighting a dark face.

    For those who prefer cooler tones, silver and stainless steel are also featured on some models. As we move into the Master Grande models, we see the appearance of small second hands in the lower dial. To avoid overcrowding, these models have non-numerical hourmarkers rather than numerals.

    The luxury timepieces of the Master Grande selection are handsomely understated. They have a quiet emphasis that attracts the eye, the sort of simple fascination that is often the mark of the finest luxury timepieces.

    While these Jaeger LeCoultre watches are less gaudy than some luxury timepieces, fans of sparkle should check out the Master Ultra Thin near the end of our selection, which is literally covered in white baguette diamonds. The next watch pairs platinum with a dark face for a cool, subdued look, while two more quietly elegant watches round out this exceptional lineup of luxury timepieces from Jaeger LeCoultre Watches.