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Royal Oak Dual Time

    The Royal Oak Dual Time collection features timepieces in the iconic Royal Oak case with automatic movement featuring second time zone and power reserve displays. These watches are mostly available in either Stainless Steel or 18k Gold. It is a handcrafted piece. This intricate design is totally a masterpiece of luxurious craftsmanship.

    The Baton markers are luminescent which makes it really appealing to the eyes. Its water resistance is up to 50 meters. Hence water does not stop the watch from working well. The Audemars Piguet also features automatic GMT movement with a second time zone. This makes it so easy in being up to speed with time and appointments for travellers.

    The Royal Oak dual time series features a 39mm case, black guilloche dial, and a steel bracelet. The power reserve is quite effective. Therefore, it really favours the travellers even to remote areas for days on end. Luxury watches are a very good investment. For this kind of series, the collectors would highly appreciate not only the features but also the magnificence. The watch displays the date as well, which enhances efficiency.

    The luxury timepieces can be an excellent gift for any occasion whether formal or informal. It makes it a thrilling experience to have quite an exciting mechanical watch. This watch gives, from time to time, a futuristic sense. The most significant outlook is the overall effect of a watch with the leverage of industrial form, exuding the savage vulgarity of a pure perfection.

    The colors range for all occasions making the luxury watches a “must get”. The timepieces bring out the classic elegant man with zeal and zest for living. The leather strap or bracelet of these watches make the owners have a securely fastened treasure to their wrist at all times.