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One of the most exciting aspects to the design of these Ulysse Nardin watches is the case design itself. Measuring around 25mm x 37mm, these are not quite oval and not quite rectangular. They look stunning on any wrist and come in a variety of straps and metals so that personality and individuality meld together when choosing one of these luxury timepieces.

A luxury timepiece is supposed to tell you the time, which this does in splendid detail using automatic movement. To add additional functionality, however, there is also a date feature as well as a second time zone located at the 9 o’clock marking of the watch. There are some stunning face designs that you must choose from within the Michelangelo collection. There are cases made of rose gold, stainless steel as well as anthracite for something very unique. Many of the bezels of the watch are left in the same color as the case though some go for the dramatic effect of adding rose gold to round out the look or add diamonds to add the luxury to the timepiece.

Depending upon your personal preferences, you can find the dial in roman numerals or standard print so that you get the effect that you want and can tell the time the quickest. Should you find yourself in a dark area, the luminous hands will come to be quite effective so that you can always determine what time it is. The crown of the watch is very intricately engraved with grooves, too, adding small details throughout the watch.

Leather and stainless steel wristbands are available, giving you the choice of comfort for all daywear.