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Marine Diver

When you are looking for a luxury timepiece that offers the classic look that you have grown to expect from Ulysse Nardin and still have your own personality shine through, then these are the watches that you need to check out. The Marine Diver watches feature many with colorful wristbands and dials in such bold colors as red, orange and yellow.

Whether you are taking this watch underwater for a snorkeling adventure or just want to enhance your style at the office, you can do so with these watches. Should you decide you don’t want a rubber wrist band, there are also several models that feature a stainless steel link band as well that is just as visually stunning with a bit more of a classic look.

There are details throughout every aspect of these Ulysse Nardin watches. The bezels are round, however, on many of the very outer edges, there is a tooth design that offers a very appealing visual effect. In addition to that stunning effect, geometric shapes on the dial of the watch help to count off the hour markers rather than using distracting numbers.

A closer glance on this luxury timepiece and you will notice that the face of the watch is not a solid color but a very light design pattern that stretches across that almost appears quilted. Combine this with the grooved crown on the side and the polished lugs to hold the wristband in place and you have a very well engineered watch.

The case of the watch sits just over 42mm, making it the perfect size to grace even the largest of wrists while maintaining perfect symmetry.