Macho Palladium 950

    The round dial of the Macho Palladium 950 luxury timepiece isn’t just another pretty face. Cased in the rare precious metal of Palladium, these Ulysse Nardin watches are absolutely resplendent. You can keep perfect time with the automatic movements and revel in the simplicity of the design.

    When you are looking for something very sophisticated, this Macho Palladium 950 gives you everything you could possibly want in a beautiful piece. The face of the watch comes in a range of colors including silver, black and blue. The hands clearly are able to grace the face of the watch without being overcrowded by complicated designs.

    The hour markers are clearly defined with numbers in a large, easy to read font that has a modern touch to it. Where there is not a number, a very stylish triangle counts the others. There are two chronometers parallel to each other on the dial of the watch so that you can know how much power reserve is remaining on the watch as well as the date.

    The comfort of these Ulysse Nardin watches comes in a range of wristbands so that you can ensure that your personal style is encompassed while still maintaining the signature look. You can choose from leather or a metal link made of the same Palladium as the casing of the watch.

    This is one of those luxury timepieces that you can wear everyday and never grow old of the simple beauty. You can always know what time it is and have a great watch to peer into at the same time.

    The polished bezel, the clean lines of the hour and minute hands and the solid color dial make this timepiece highly sought after.