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Dual Time Ladies

    The Dual Time Ladies watches by Ulysse Nardin offer a very feminine style with many different design choices so that each woman can show her own unique style while looking very fashionable in the process. Preferences are abundant – including the case size of the watches. These Ulysse Nardin watches are available in various sizes ranging from 37mm to 40mm.

    The watches feature dual time zones so that whether one likes to travel or simply know what time it is in their favorite city, it can be done by wearing one of these stunning watches. The dual time is featured in a little window at the 9 o’ clock mark. Meanwhile there is additional functionality of this watch as well, telling wearers of the date at 2 o’ clock as well.

    Designs are gorgeous on these timepieces. You have the option of Roman numerals or standard numbers based on which you find to be the most elegant. Whichever you choose, there will be some common themes within this watch collection. Each of them features a round case with a comfortable leather strap.

    You can find the color combination that suits you best. You may opt for the magnificent pink leather straps with white gold and diamond encrusted bezel or something a little tamer. White, light brown and even silver colored leather are some of your additional choices for the straps of these Ulysse Nardin watches while the case can be stainless steel or rose gold.