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Classico Ladies

    A luxury timepiece should not only be about being able to tell the time and with the Classico Ladies design by Ulysse Nardin, there is so much else to feast your eyes upon in this watch besides just hours, minutes, and seconds – though it certainly features those as well.

    You immediately get a splash of color with the bright blue leather strap as well as the intricacies of blue and white in a dazzling design across the dial of the watch. White gold and diamonds add luxury to the timepiece as well.

    The details are very intricate, going all the way into the crown, where you can still see a few diamonds and sapphires. The diamonds continue along the bezel as well as through the lugs where the leather strap eventually connects in.

    The 35mm casing of the watch is petite without being so small that the features are lost. It seems to be just the perfect size for the average wrist of a lady. The leather strap is also in perfect proportion that offers a comfort for all day wear.

    When you want to be noticed with your watch as well as maintain some sophistication, there is no better timepiece to don your wrist with than that of the Classico Ladies by Ulysse Nardin watches.

    In addition to getting a stunning watch with exceptional detail, you get all of the engineering behind the face that makes the designer so well known in the world of horology. The minutes and hours keep perfect time with the hundreds of different parts that remain hidden so that you are always aware of the time of day or night. After all, a luxury timepiece isn’t complete without the “time” aspect.