Marine Automatic

    The Breguet Marine Automatic line of watches features automatic movements, the extraordinarily popular large date displays, and offers up some of the most gorgeous handiwork, reminiscent of the chronometers used in the French Navy which were made by none other than A. L. Breguet himself. These exquisite Breguet timepieces offer good taste for discerning customers, without sacrificing reliability or accuracy. With dials set in beautiful large Roman numerals and spectacular gold plating, these are some of Breguet's most popular watches to date.

    So much thought and pre-planning have gone into the design and production of these Breguet luxury watches, there is little doubt that they will be much sought after as collector pieces in the years to come, but for now, they are among the finest timepieces in the world, to be worn proudly by those fortunate enough to be able to afford them. They are elegant examples of what fine jewelry is all about. The delicate wristbands are looked after with care through each step of the production process, along with the gold casings and the watches themselves. This line of watches particularly represents the precision with which Breguet looks after every aspect of the construction of their watches, which is one of the reasons why the Breguet brand has become synonymous with luxury watches and jewelry. Few can match the consistency of their products.