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    A.L. Breguet started his own watchmaking business in 1775. It quickly became one of the most popular watch companies, providing stunning timepieces to Queen Marie-Antoinette, Napoleon Bonaparte, the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and Winston Churchill, among others. The House of Breguet was responsible for many new watch technologies over the years, always maintaining their focus on precision and quality.

    Breguet luxury watches were launched into fame with the now legendary Subscription watches. The new Breguet Tradition watches reflect the design of those original timepieces. They follow the two century-long pattern of meticulous attention to small details. For this reason, the Breguet Tradition collection watches are among the highest quality and most accurate watches available today.

    One of the things that make these Breguet timepieces so unique is the open works design. Every intricate detail of a watch's inner workings is proudly displayed on the face of these lovely watches. The beauty of the different gears and parts is found in their quality craftsmanship and materials. Every part is carefully sandblasted by hand to enhance their natural beauty.

    A carefully crafted tourbillon, designed to fit into the classic styling of each wristwatch, is available on a select few Breguet Tradition watches. They are consistently accurate and made with the same care as the original Breguet luxury watches.

    A traditional, yet modern wristwatch can be hard to find. The watches in the Breguet Tradition collection seamlessly combine the old world with the new, creating timeless pieces.