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J12 29mm

    Chanel has always been known for creating elegant and unusual watches. Many of their wristwatch designs have become extremely popular over the years. This is true of their J12 collection; however, the innovative designers at Chanel never rest on the popularity of a piece, but rather look for ways to improve every design.

    The Chanel J12 29mm collection is the result of this dedication to improvement. Chanel followed the original design of the J12 series, but reduced the case size to 29mm. This new size makes a big difference in the watch. It is lighter, more elegant and better suited to many wrists. The designers have created a beautiful series of watches that is sure to rival the popularity of its forerunners.

    Aside from the case size, these gorgeous Chanel timepieces use the same classic elements as the first J12 collection. Each watch features a dependable quartz movement that marks the hours, minutes and seconds. Each face uses a combination of numbers and diamonds to show the time. The Chanel name is included on the watch faces.

    Instead of using traditional watch straps, each J12 29mm watch is equipped with a lovely bracelet-type band, adding class and distinction. They are also stronger than leather or fabric bands.

    These Chanel luxury watches are made from durable ceramic instead of traditional metals. This means they are very scratch-resistant, insuring longevity. These watches come in black or white to enhance the classy design. The Chanel J12 29mm are also available with white diamonds set in the bezel.

    These fine watches are sure to please anyone who is fortunate enough to receive one.