Ocean Sport Ladies

    Shoppers who wish to purchase luxury timepieces will appreciate the range of Harry Winston watches in the Ocean Ladies collection. The bezels in some of these watches are set with diamonds. The watches in this collection include Ocean Lady, Ocean Biretro and Ocean Lady Moon Phase.

    There are two Ocean Lady watches in this collection. One of these luxury timepieces has a black leather strap and a white gold case. The other Ocean Lady watch has a white leather strap with a case made of rose gold. The dial on this watch is set with diamonds. Both Ocean Lady watches are chronograph watches.

    The Ocean Biretro watches in this collection can be purchased with gold bracelets or white straps. One of the watches has a rose gold bracelet and a 36mm rose gold case. A diamond bezel and a black diamond dial contribute to the elegant appearance of this timepiece. Ladies who like white gold will appreciate the Ocean Biretro with a white gold bracelet and a 36mm white gold case. A black diamond dial and a diamond bezel are the finishing touches on this exquisite timepiece.

    Ocean Biretro watches are available with white leather or white rubber straps. The white leather strap is made from crocodile leather. This timepiece has a 36mm white gold case. The diamond dial and diamond bezel contribute to the stylish appearance of this watch. The watch with the white rubber strap has a diamond dial and bezel. The case is white gold and measures 36mm.

    The Moon Phase watches have quartz movements and rubber straps. Ladies who wear this elegant watch can keep track of the phases of the moon with the watch’‘s moon phase indicator. Diamonds sparkle on the dials of these watches. Moon Phase watches are available with white or black straps.

    Ladies who desire luxury timepieces will enjoy choosing one or more of the stunning Harry Winston watches in the Ocean Ladies collection.