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J12 41mm

    It can be difficult to find a watch that serves as a chronograph without sacrificing clean lines and an easy-to-read face. Thankfully, the famed watchmaker Chanel has designed a watch that is both functional and elegant. The timeless design of the J12 watches has been slightly modified to include chronograph functions, all without losing any of the original watch’s appeal.

    The faces of the J12 41mm watches use the same basic form as all the other J12 watch collections. The hours are clearly marked with numbers or diamonds. The chronograph features are placed underneath the hands of the watch, where they can be easily seen without being too conspicuous. Everything is precise due to the quartz automatic movement.

    As with all other J12 series timepieces, these Chanel luxury watches are available in only black or white. They are specially crafted with a durable ceramic that has been polished to a high gloss. This not only adds distinction to this line of watches, but it also reduces the risk of scratches and chips.

    The bands of these watches are made in a bracelet style, formed out of the same strong ceramic. This ensures that the case and band combine seamlessly, creating a truly elegant wristwatch.Finally, many of the Chanel timepieces in this collection feature diamonds or other precious stones set into the bezel. Some of these watches also use small diamonds instead of numbers to mark the hours. A select few use different metals to enhance the clean features of the watch.

    There are few watches as practical yet as truly elegant as those in the Chanel J12 41mm collection.